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GWAPA is trying something new this year. We will continue our bi-monthly meetings & auction at a members home. Every other month, we will also take field trips for collecting rocks, driftwood, plants & fish. We will also arrange visits at local attritions such as the Baltimore Aquarium, Kenilworth Gardens and other places of interest. If you have any ideas for a field trip or contacts at a cool spot please contact Rick Dotson by email.

We are anticipating another great year for GWAPA!!

<strong>January 10, 2004</strong>
<strong>Capital Cichlid Association : Cichlid Workshop</strong>
Fish are part of the aquascape too!
An introduction to Cichlids - Ron Nielson
An introduction to Discus - Joe Szelesi

<strong>January 17 @ 1:00 PM</strong>
<strong>GWAPA Monthly Meeting : Aquascaping with Rocks and Driftwood</strong>
A good foundation is the key to a nice looking tank.
The January meeting will be held in the home of
Martha Neave

Keep an eye on the weather and the list serve. If we get a nice weather day we will announce a rock collecting trip. Think how good your tank will look when you add that last missing rock. Or group of three. Stay tuned.

<strong>February 14</strong>
<strong>Capital Cichlid Association : Aquarium Photography</strong>

<strong>February 19 8:45 AM to 1 PM </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Road Trip : USDA Agricultural Center, Beltsville, MD</strong>

<strong>March 20 </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Monthly Meeting : CO2 Systems & Choosing the Right System for Your Tank</strong>

The March meeting will be held in the home of Ivo Busko. Ivo lives near Baltimore, MD I will update the website with his address as soon as I can. The
meeting topic - CO2 systems and how to choose the right system for your tank - is one of the most important additions to a planted aquarium.

<strong>April 17 </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Monthly Meeting : Planted aquarium photography</strong>
The people have spoken! April's road trip has
been cancelled. Instead we will have a regular
GWAPA meeting at the home of Ghazanfar Ghori.
The agenda includes a short update from Rick regarding
the AGA convention, a Treasurers report by Sean and
I'll be giving an informal talk on Aquarium photography
and how to prepare your aquarium for whole tank shots.
Yes, we will be having a mini auction! I hear
Sean, as usual, has tons-o-plants to get rid of!

<strong>May 15 </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Monthly Meeting : Soil Substrate </strong>
The May 15th GWAPA meeting with be held at
the home of Sean Murphy starting at 1:00 pm.
He'll be speaking to us about 'Soil Substrates'!
Sean has a decade of experience with soil substrates
and his tanks speak volumes on the success he's had
with it. As usual, we'll also have the regular
social and mini-auction. Don't miss this one!

Directions will be posted here shortly.

<strong>June - TBA (To be Announced) </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Mother-of-All Road Trips : Florida or bust!</strong>

We are planning to rent a van for a 5 day trip to Florida. We will collect plants, fish and driftwood. We plan to do a lot of snorkeling in the shallow waters to live fish in the native habitat. (and some not so native) We may hook up with Tom Barr while we are down there. Tom knows all the good fishin' holes.

<strong>July 17 </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Monthly Meeting : Liquid Fertilizers and PMDD </strong>
To be held at the home of John Godbey. John lives near Annanadale, VA. Details to be announced a week prior to
the event.

<strong>August </strong>
<strong>GWAPA Workshop : Planted Aquaria Workshop</strong>
We are planning to have another workshop. This year we will have sessions for both beginner and advanced hobbyists. Send me any suggestion you have for topics.
Details to be announced a month prior to the event.

<strong>IN ADDITION TO ALL THIS</strong>
We may decide to have spontaneous field trips for
collected plants / driftwood / rocks. For example,
if the weekend looks like it'll nice, a couple of
us may decide it would be a good day to go out and
collect. We'd announce some quick plans on the forum
with only a day or two's notice. Fun stuff!<edited><editID>Ghazanfar Ghori</editID><editDate>38247.470775463</editDate></edited>
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