Tank Temperature

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Tank Temperature

Post by FishNChips »

My tank is running at around 84 degrees, outside the green zone on my thermometer.

Does anyone have any ways to keep the heat down other than cranking up aircon in the house or turning off the lights?

Is there a downside for plants/fish at this temp?
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Re: Tank Temperature

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84 is hotter than I would run for most tanks, barring discus or another specifically warm water tank. I would search on your livestock. Additionally, a lot of plants don't like going over 80 from what I have heard, but never run a tank that high. As for cooling it down, there are 3 primary methods. First is to lower the room temp, aka ac. Second is a chiller, personally never seen the need, but I don't like indoors to get over 72. Third, and what I would try first, is evaporative cooling. Basically increase the air circulation over the tank. The most effective way to do this is to point fans at the water surface, but having a box fan in a room will create this to an extent. This method should reduce the tank a couple degrees, but will increase the humidity.

I would also verify the temp, as it seems odd it would be so high atm. Also, if you have a heater in the water, remove it.
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Re: Tank Temperature

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What Will said. I turn off heaters this time of year.Lights can also add heat to a tank.
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Re: Tank Temperature

Post by DonkeyFish »

I used to run computer fans clipped to the side of the tank to blow across the water surface for the evaporative cooling mentioned above. And fully second getting another thermometer to check. A lot of them are pretty notorious for being incorrect, specifically those with probes.

Also, 84 degrees is notably warm if you stick your hand in the tank. If you want to do an informal thermometer check ;)
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