Using a PAR meter

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Using a PAR meter

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I have the PAR metter and I have read a littlebit on the Apogee web site about our model. I need help with technical stuff. I have read several on-line pages of the Operation Manual. I have turned it on. I pressed the mode button; two options came up: Sun or electric. I choose electric. Then I pressed SAmple button on the meter (when nothing happened I pressed a couple of buttons. I got a reading of 5 to 6. A reading is supposed to be 3 digits, like 567 or so. I haven't been about the have the main menu come up. Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks. :?
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Re: Using a PAR meter

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Aileen, it sounds like you're doing it correctly. Were you getting that reading just sitting inside, or under an actual aquarium light? If just ambient light in your house, it's not surprising to get a very low number. If you hold it directly under your aquarium light, you'll get a three digit number, or maybe four.

You should expect your numbers at substrate to be between 20-100 in most cases. In super low light it can be less, and with really high light can be more. If running CO2 with dimmable lights, I would generally recommend shooting for ~60 PAR at substrate.

I hope this helps...
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